WordExpander Benefits

WordExpander is a powerful speed typing software, providing quick access to your frequently used text snippets by using text shortcuts, in any application.

When you are writing text, you often find yourself typing the same words or phrases over and over again. WordExpander can save you from typing all these frequently used text blocks for you.

Just start typing and let WordExpander do the rest:

Phrase Expander

WordExpander can predict which sentence you want to finish and offers to auto-complete it for you.

You can select from multiple items in a handy suggestion popup. Make your selection and press the customizable confirmation hotkey. WordExpander will finish off the sentence in a snap.

Built-In AutoCorrection Feature

WordExpander does not only auto-complete frequently used sentences but also correct common misspellings:


We invested a lot of usability research to create a very easy-to-use frontend that allows you to quickly create and maintain your personal AutoCorrect entries.

You can also import templates of common misspellings in multiple languages.

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