Free PhraseExpander Alternative

WordExpander is a free phrase expander:

The main program window of WordExpander provides instant access to your phrases, text shortcuts and Autocorrect items:

WordExpander Screenshot

Create new phrases with a single press of a button, edit items and organize your phrases in libraries and groups.

The essential concept of WordExpander is assigning new meanings to the text you enter in your daily office work.

Configure abbreviations (aka text shortcuts) for the operations you wish to execute.

An unobstrusive popup menu next to your cursor notifies you on text replacements and you can accept or ignore the suggestions made by WordExpander.

To expand the text, select the desired phrase and press the confirmation key to execute the phrase. If you don't want to expand a phrase, just ignore it and continue to type.

WordExpander works in any Windows program!

WordExpander benefits:

  • Robust and efficient text engine.
  • Based on 14+ years expertise in text expander software.
  • Streamlined and extremely easy-to-use user interface.
  • No licensing hassle. It's free!

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